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April 18, 2017

10 Funny kitchen Tools Everyone Should Own

There is a fact cannot be refuted that Lazy people push the world to make progress. Too lazy to mill, so people invented the windmill; Too lazy to climb the stairs, so people invented the elevator; Too lazy to walk, so people invented the cars, trains and aircraft; Too lazy to brush the bowl, so they invented the wash Bowl machine …… Because of lazy, sometimes a small idea will make our lives become easier, novel and creative, and also bring some fun to our lives . Today I want to introduce 10 funny kitchen supplies on to you guys, I think they are solid kitchen tools that everyone should own.
These kitchen gadgets range from $1.79 to $7.69 with worldwide free shipping, cheap but handy, let's see them now!

1.Multi-functional Stainless Steel 5 Layers Scissors

Its a good kitchen gadget, saving a lot of time in cutting Sushi, Shredded Scallion, Herb or other spices. And the Scissors made of stainless steel, so its definitely durable for use. Only $5.49 on

2.Silicone Pancake Baking Mold

The Fast, Easy and Fun way to make perfect pancakes every time!Made from non-stick silicone, and fits any 10" size pan and up. $7.69 on

3.Seamless Silicone Spatula

It's convenient cleaning kitchen supplies that used to scrape off the non-stick baking pan, non-stick cloth, aluminum alloy residue, and will not scratch the surface of the product. For example, When you make a cake, it can effectively scrape mixing bowl remaining batter, protein on the surface of the paste, concentrated ingredients and use again, reducing wear and tear. Only $1.79 on

4.Novelty Garlic Press

The Garlic twist crushes,peels,and minces garlic to perfection. Its easy and fun to use,and a delight to behold.rinding out of garlic not only taste exquisite,but also significant savings in time. Only $2.19 on

5.DIY Silicone Egg Mold

Sometimes wake up in the morning you feel very upset, You have to get up early, get dressed, get to work. You have lots of things to do that day, lots of meetings, lots of things on your plate. But do you know what your plate might just have space for? A smile!
Start your day off with a smile Breakfast Mold. This happy little mold can be used to make a smiling pancake or scrambled eggs. Even as your use a fork to rip apart and eat the smiling little face, you will find that you can't help but be happy. Only $1.79 on

6.Hanging Garbage Bags Rack

Annoyed by Kitchen Rubbish storage?Then use this Hanging Garbage Bags Hooks Rack. Easily Installation, Prevent Odor and Save Space. Only $2.99 on

7. Potato Spiral Cutter

With rubber suction mount on the bottom, it's very safe and convenient to slice potato. Allows you to make spiral potatoes for your wonderful BBQ experience or twisted potato chips. Only $4.59 on

8.bakery roller

It will create perfect lattice tops for pies and tarts in seconds with a simple roll action. Only $3.99 on

9.Large Scoop Colander

Scoop and drain food straight from the oven or out of the pan. Perfect for the frying food or the foods in the soup. Only $2.39 on

10.Melon Seed Scissor

Suitable for all kinds of melon seeds, and small nuts
Medium three hole design, it is suitable for different sizes of small nuts. Only $2.59 on

What is your favorite kitchen tool above? What's your opinion? Welcome comment below!
And click Here to see more kitchen supplies on EnjoyOurs. ^^

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