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February 18, 2017

               Have Some Fun With Your Puppy

Spring comes,why don't we have fun with your puppies in this blossoming season?

Best Time To Train Your Puppy How To Chew

 Spring is the best season to do some outdoor sports.Today we will show you guys how to train your puppy fetch. 

Show your puppy a ball or toy and command him to "sit" or "wait". Throw the toy a short distance and encourage the puppy to both get the toy, but to come back to you. Coach him through the process by saying things like "get it" and "bring it" and make a big fuss for every successful stage of the game. End the game on a high note while it is still interesting to the puppy. This will also establish your authority.

  • Fetch can teach your puppy to give on command, a valuable skill that could keep him safe. Once your puppy is holding the toy he fetched, offer a high-value reward. Give the command "give" at the moment he drops the toy and reward him with the treat.
  • Never throw sticks when playing fetch. Your puppy could accidentally run onto a stick, causing a painful injury.          

How To Choose The Right Toy For Your Dog

The mechanics of a dog’s jaw - Hard-core chewing happens in the back of a dog’s jaw. An appropriately-sized, round, hollow ball is less susceptible to destruction because dogs cannot get it to the back of their jaw. Plus, being hollow, coupled with pliability, a toy will have ‘give’ which pleases those dogs who love to squish. And squish. And squish. If you have an aggressive chewer, you should look for a perfectly round, one-color toy.

Size – Make sure you are buying appropriately-sized toys for your dog. It will ensure a longer-lasting toy and a more enjoyable experience. Selecting the right size minimizes the risk and hazards of unwanted choking.

Know your pup – Check each toy for a durability rating or scale. Know how your dog chews and how aggressive of a chewer they are. Know if your dog enjoys picking with his front teeth or really likes trying to get toys back into their jowls.

Funny Puppy Toys for Dogs that Chew


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